Tips for talking to a KS boy

Your boy may need as much modelling as possible from those around him, of emotional expression. You can help him learn by speaking your emotional responses out loud: 

  • “wow, I’m getting a bit annoyed because I can’t hear anything”
  • “sorry I’m not talkative today, I’m sad because my fish died this morning”

If you notice your boy getting upset, try and verbalise his feelings for him. Using emotion vocabulary helps him to build his own.

  • “I see you are getting frustrated that you can’t do that maths problem…”
  • “I’m noticing that something is worrying you right now..”


Try and focus on your boy’s strengths as much as possible, and be specific when complimenting him on something.

  • “I really like the way the colours you’ve used in that drawing look like the real thing” (Rather than, “wow- nice drawing!”).

A great article about talking with your son about XXY, from AXYS US / EXtraordinarY Kids Clinic in Colorado; also telling your child about Trisomy X and XYY.

Learning needs for Klinefelter boys

An excellent article about what Klinefelter boys need to help them learn for teachers (and for parents to give to teachers): Adobe PDF Icon The Learning Needs of Children with KS