On terminology and respect:

Some people believe 47, XXY is the medical condition of having XXY chromosomes, and Klinefelter Syndrome is what occurs when the chromosomal condition causes symptoms. Others believe the two terms may be used interchangeably. On this website we use the terms interchangeably to refer to 47,XXY OR Klinefelter Syndrome. There are individuals who have a different perspective on what 47,XXY is and reject some of the terms used here. This group endeavours to support and respect all reasonable perspectives and although we choose to use the current medical terminology, we mean no offence to anyone who does not embrace this approach. We ask that this respect is reciprocated.

We have sometimes referred to “your son” and “he” on this site. We also recognise that sex chromosome variation affects girls and women.

We respect the right of individuals to self-identify as they choose in gender and sexuality.

On advice:

AXYS Australia is an organisation of volunteers, mainly affected adults and parents. We are not medical professionals. Please seek support from us, and medical advice from a knowledgeable and sympathetic medical professional.