Paul BM has KS. He has a Bachelor of Health Science (Hons) and works in government as a heritage officer. He was diagnosed at age 28 and fights for change for the X&Y community. He leads on men’s issues at AXYS.

Anita D is the mum of three gorgeous boys with KS (47XXY). Her career as a Nurse Manager is paused while she works hard to get the right support to ensure the boys receive the maximum early intervention so they can thrive and live life to the fullest. She leads parental education and support for parents of younger children at AXYS.

Susie V’s son was diagnosed 47XXY when he was 7 following language and processing delays. She has attended the US Parent Conference in Denver, Colorado and built her learning there on X&Y conditions. She looks after communications and parental support for AXYS in Australia.

Sara M and husband Ed have a young son who is 47XXY, diagnosed at four months following feeding difficulties and developmental delay. Sara is a lawyer and works on AXYS’s advocacy and policy related matters and legal structure.