Daniel’s Story – XXXY

January 10, 2019 Motherhood is tough. It hasn’t been easy for me. The caring, nurturing, looking after has been a breeze, it was becoming a mother that was difficult. Having suffered from endometriosis, I...

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Outline for discussion on disclosure in pre-school and primary school children Klinefelter Syndrome/XXY

December 30, 2018 Disclosure: If the diagnosis has been previously known and you have only just decided to disclose the diagnosis to the pre-school or primary school it is often helpful to start off the...

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Living with my X

October 25, 2018 I was the third child in my family, my brother 5 years older and my sister 18 months older. My mother was a qualified nurse, my dad, however, deteriorated with a mental illness which...

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Noah’s journey with XXY

October 15, 2018 I am writing this from a mothers perspective if that is ok. Noah is aged 5. When Noah was 2 weeks old we nearly lost him. His tiny wee body was starting to shut down. He was exhausted, and...

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Early intervention suggestions

October 11, 2018 Please Note: You should always consult a professional and get your child assessed if you are concerned about their development. These are just suggestions which you can incorporate into...

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Ryan’s Mission to Build a Klinefelter Community

October 5, 2018 When Ryan Bregante sees statistics estimating that 1 in 500 males has the extra X chromosome that causes Klinefelter syndrome (KS), he is acutely aware of his minority status as the “1”...

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Strategies to help a child with anxiety transition into prep

September 20, 2018 Anxiety can be crippling and can impact enormously on your child’s ability to participate at school and in extracurricular activities, this has a roll-on effect of impacting them...

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Klinefelter Syndrome and 47,XXY – Same or Different?

September 20, 2018 There are frequent discussions in Facebook groups regarding the question on whether KS and XXY represent the same or different conditions. AXYS has had the opportunity to discuss this with...

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Louise’s Story – Our Prenatal Journey

August 30, 2018 Our journey began after 6 years of IVF . I had decided not to go one more round and my husband Pete decided we would (yay for Pete) we received our early positive pregnancy result. It...

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Lucy’s Story – A prenatal Diagnosis

August 30, 2018 I had to arrange my 13 weeks scan privately and Sydney UltraSound for Women recommended the NIPT test. I willingly had this due to the greater accuracy for Downs Syndrome… this was my...

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