AXYS conference 10th November 2018 – RCH Melbourne

January 5, 2019 On Saturday 10th November 2018 over 50 people attended the free annual AXYS conference which was held at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. This was a very successful day with...

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Living with my X

October 25, 2018 I was the third child in my family, my brother 5 years older and my sister 18 months older. My mother was a qualified nurse, my dad, however, deteriorated with a mental illness which...

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Ryan’s Mission to Build a Klinefelter Community

October 5, 2018 When Ryan Bregante sees statistics estimating that 1 in 500 males has the extra X chromosome that causes Klinefelter syndrome (KS), he is acutely aware of his minority status as the “1”...

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