AXYS conference 10th November 2018 – RCH Melbourne

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On Saturday 10th November 2018 over 50 people attended the free annual AXYS conference which was held at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. This was a very successful day with several AXYS members flying from interstate to attend and many others throughout Australia watching what could be livestreamed to our private Facebook group. This was a great opportunity for individuals, parents, families, educators and health professionals to network with each other and to also gain valuable information from the presenters.

AXYS were very fortunate to have several wonderful speakers dedicate their valuable time to present to us.

We heard from an array of different speakers which include the following:

  • ‘Strategies for Early Years – Giving children the best start to Primary School’: Chloe Umbers Primary school teacher – Boneo PS
  • ‘Integrating play and therapy into everyday life’: Sarah Munn Occupational Therapist – Director Barefoot OT
  • ‘Adult literacy: Reading between the Lines’: Linno Rhodes – Co-President VALBEC (Victorian Adult Literacy Basic Education Council).
  • ‘NDIS Q & A’: Kevin Hall – Royal Children’s Hospital
  • ‘Endocrine care for men with Klinefelter syndrome – a focus on testosterone therapy option’: Dr Stella Sarlos Monash Health, Peninsula Health & Hudson Institute of Medical Research
  • ‘Mental Health Awareness – Depression and Anxiety’’: Harpreet Deol and Aileen Luna Psychologists – Melbourne Affordable Psychology
  • ‘Why do I keep hearing the terminology intersex?’ Chloe Hanna Clinical Coordinator – RCH
  • ‘The way forward for fertility options for men with Klinefelter Syndrome’: Dr Hossam Elzeiny Fertility specialist and Reproductive Endocrinologist – Melbourne IVF
  • Personal story: ‘69 years of living with Klinefelter’s Syndrome’. Geoff
  • Research findings: ‘Speech and Language in Children with Klinefelter Syndrome’: Miya St John and Angela Morgan – Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
  • AXYS – Where to from here? Showcasing AXYS’s progression into the future. Anita – Leadership team AXYS

AXYS continues to strive to support parents and individuals facing life with an X & Y chromosome variant and continue to reach for our biggest goal of increasing awareness amongst the medical and education sectors to ensure children and individuals facing their daily lives with an extra X or Y chromosome are well supported to ensure any health risks are minimised and that they can reach their absolute full potential leading a happy life.

The annual conferences are a fantastic platform to work towards these goals. We will continue to hold these and are looking to expand these in the future to other locations in Australia.

Throughout this day much learning was done, a snapshot of the videos shows this, and the most important thing is that vital networking and support was achieved throughout individuals, parents, educators and health professionals. AXYS looks forward to building on and presenting another great conference in 2019.

Presentaion AXYS Conference 2018 – NDIS Information Session Q & A. By Kevin

AXYS 2018 conference presentation by the NDIS co-ordinator at the RCH. The presentation covered and overview of what the NDIS is and fielded many questions from our members.

Presentation AXYS Conference 2018 – Our Progression into the Future. By Anita AXYS Leadership Team

AXYS 2018 conference presentation by Anita one of the AXYS leadership team members discussing where AXYS and come from and how we are moving forward into the future of reading our goals to; support, inform and empower those living with or are associated with X & Y Chromosome variants.

Presentation AXYS Conference 2018 – Endocrine Care of Men with Klinefelter Syndrome. By Dr Stella Sarlos

AXYS 2018 conference presentation by an Endocrinologist on the different types of testosterone available in Australia and who they work.

Presentation AXYS Conference 2018 – Mental Health Awareness Anxiety and Depression. By Harpreet Deol and Aileen Luna Provisional Psychologists Melbourne Affordable Psychology

AXYS conference 2018 presentation on anxiety and depression and increasing awareness and the importance of looking after yours and your child’s mental health and wellbeing.

Presentation AXYS conference 2018 – The way forward for fertility options for men with Klinefelter Syndrome. By Dr Hossam Elzeiny

AXYS conference 2018, a fantastic presentation discussing the fertility treatment options available for males with Klinefelter Syndrome.

Presentation AXYS conference 2018 – Intergrating play and therapy into everyday life. By Sarah Munn

AXYS 2018 conference presentation by an occupational therapist talking about how therapy should be play based and can be integrated into several aspects of everyday life.

Presentation AXYS Conference 2018 – How can children thrive in the Primary School Setting. By Chloe Umbers

AXYS annual conference 2018 presentation from a primary school teacher discussing how we can ensure all children have the opportunity to learn and thrive and how the primary school setting can be adapted to each child.